3 Simple Ways to Improve Home Security

3 Simple Ways to Improve Home Security

Home security is a concern for many people because some are lucky enough to design their own home and construct it according to their needs. Security systems can be installed where needed and the place can be made secure. But this is not the case with 90% of the people who mortgage their homes that are already built.

There are various devices available in the market today and there are ways to improve the security of your home but it will depend on your budget. Many people think of electronic devices like security cameras and burglar alarms as they are most popular options and are effective as well. While considering your home security plan, you should go for the best available option that is affordable and is effective at the same time.

The three simple steps described here can increase the security of your home and you will not have to put much money and effort while following these.

1. If you are one of those people who have a habit of hiding key of their front door under their mat or over some place then you are inviting the burglar to break in easily into your home. All of your security plans will fail here and this is a bad practice too. The first thing any thief or burglar will do will be to look around your place to see any unlocked doors or hidden keys. If you have habit of forgetting keys if you take them with you then you can place them in a safe place away from the front door where nobody will think of finding it.

2. Another way that a burglar can intrude your home is through unlocked window and this is the case in 80% of the robberies. Whenever you leave your home, make sure that you lock all the windows and install window safety locks as well. If you can afford then install unbreakable glass which will take some doing to remove.

3. Growing trees and shrubs outside the home is a bad idea and most of the people make this terrible mistake. The overgrown trees can not only be a good hiding place for any burglar but can also be a source of access to upper stories of your house. You can analyze this situation by yourself by standing in front of your home and by looking at it with an eye of burglar. You should try everything to remove any possible hiding place near your home.

Other than that you should have proper lighting outside your home. This is a fact that most of the intrusions take place at night just because of poor lighting. You can install motion detection lights which are affordable and are easy to install as well. Make sure that all the security lights are operated from inside so the burglars do not switch them off.

These are very simple ways and can do wonders for your home security without much effort. If you implement all of them then there is no doubt that your home will be safer than before.