Choosing The Right Home Security Burglar Alarm System

Choosing The Right Home Security Burglar Alarm System

Almost everyone is capable of installing a home security burglar alarm system. All you need to do is to thoroughly map out the key points before you embark on the project. The very first step is to determine the type of system you want to install, analyzing what specific features you wish to include in the system. Next you prepare the tools and materials you will need for the installation ensuring that you have ample screws and cabling available.

For most homeowners choosing the right home security burglar alarm system is quite simple as they are content with having a system capable of deterring potential intruders from attempting a break in. Others, however, may focus on installing a system designed to catch an intruder in the act of actually breaking into the premises.

An option, which is high on the priority list for many people, when choosing the right home security burglar alarm system is that it includes a silent alarm connected to a monitoring service that notifies the security company that a break-in is in progress. Whilst this option is ideal for catching criminals in the act it can place the homeowner and their families at increased risk. The risk factor increases purely because the intruder is unaware that the silent back to base alarm has been activated and they proceed to break-in. If they are able to gain entry while the security company initiates a response they can affront the occupants. Often their response, when they realize the break-in has been reported to authorities, is extremely dangerous to the occupants and on occasions has resulted in hostage situations occurring.

A much safer option when choosing the right home security burglar alarm is to replace the silent alarm with one that emits a loud siren the moment the security system has been breached. The activation of a warning alarm will, in all probability, scare the intruder away thus leaving the homeowner and family less exposed to the risks of a confrontation with the intruder.

Figure Out What Needs To Be Protected

Before you go about choosing the right system you need to determine the extent of the security required. Firstly, it is recommended that you review the exterior perimeter of your home and look for points of entry. Beyond the obvious doors and windows it is important to consider other access points such as basement windows and crawl spaces as well as external basement doors.

When wiring a home security burglar alarm system make sure the wires are well hidden and inaccessible from any point outside the home. As many of the systems use a dial-up back to base system to notify authorities of an alarm activation, it is important to ensure that the phone lines cannot be cut from outside as the alarm will be of absolutely useless if it is unable to get a dial tone when activated.

Choosing the right system is relatively simple if you consider all important aspects, however, if you are unable to work out what is best in your particular situation you can always call in an expert for further input and professional advice.