Cleaning and Decluttering – Ho’oponopono For Cleaning (Gratitude Methods)

Cleaning and Decluttering – Ho’oponopono For Cleaning (Gratitude Methods)

I’ve already outlined the many reasons and ways to use gratitude, blessing, and appreciation to make cleaning easier, so I’m not going to go through that again here. I would, however, like to tie ho’oponopono in to this method.

Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice of blessing and gratitude. It includes more than what we are going to use here, and you’re welcome to look it up further if you’d like. In fact, I would encourage it. But for our purposes here, we’re going to use the very simple form of it, which goes like this:

Thank you.
I love you.
I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.

When you’re not really in the mood to go into long appreciation or gratitude statements, this works extremely well. It’s easy, fast, and still pulls you out of that place where you’re chattering away to yourself in a constant and unpleasant mental monologue.

Let’s say that you are ready to go clean the bathroom, but don’t really feel like it. I mean, who enjoys cleaning the toilet? If you do, don’t answer that, I don’t want to know…

Seriously, though, most of us don’t enjoy this prospect. So you’re sitting there, and you’re thinking to yourself, “Ugh, not the bathroom again!”

Let’s apply ho’oponopono to this situation. Focus on the bathroom, and think towards it, “Thank you. I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me.”

Why, though? Why would you thank the bathroom? Well, what if you didn’t have one? Then you would have to go outside to the trees. Even in the winter. And you’d probably have to dig a hole so that you didn’t stink up the neighborhood.

Not to mention the other amenities of a shower or bath, a sink, a mirror… there are many things to be grateful for in the bathroom.

Why would you love the bathroom? Well, again, maybe there’s something to love about something that prevents you from having to go outside to do your business. And something to love about the place that shows you all your beauties. Something to love about the place you brush your teeth and keep anyone from spying on you while you eliminate.

What about being sorry? Well, if you’re not willing to care for, and love your bathroom (or any part of your house or life), then you’re taking it for granted. Everything in your life is either a gift from someone (how about God?), or something you’ve earned yourself. And everyone in your life is a child of the Universe just as much as you are. So remind yourself not to take it for granted.

Please forgive me– for taking you for granted. For resenting taking as good care of you, as you take of me. For not appreciating and blessing you as you deserve.

Thank you for reading this.
I love you, as a fellow child of the Universe.
I’m sorry for not writing this a lot sooner.
Please forgive me that it took me so long to even think of writing it.

May you be blessed in all that you do, including cleaning your house, dear reader.