Discover the Key Differences Between 2D and 3D Animation – Computer Graphics Guide

Discover the Key Differences Between 2D and 3D Animation – Computer Graphics Guide

It seems like computers have been around forever. You buy a brand new one then two years down the road it seems obsolete and there is another one more advanced and dynamic to take its place.

In a way that is exactly what is happening with animation. Originally, there was just the 2D animation, which in its time was exciting enough, and in fact still is. Technology stands still for no one so it stands to reason that animation would be included in this aspect as well. As a result along came the 3D animation.

Animation is a broad term and can sometimes be misleading. The term in some ways refers to animated graphics as well. Often people do not broaden their scope of what animation is all about. Many consider animation is another word for cartoons. Think of some other animated movies that you have had the pleasure of watching where physical models have been used. King Kong certainly was not a live version of an ape. Yet look at the movements that he made. The basics are this. Move the model record the image move the model and record the image. This goes on repeatedly.

One of the most successful and powerful animators in his time was Walt Disney. What he accomplished with what he had during his career was amazing. Many of us grew up enjoying many of the accomplishments of this world-renowned animator. It was a joint project in his day to produce an animation. He would do the major drawings, known as the key frames, and then the less important pictures would be done by his staff of in between framers.

One should never think that the 3D animation of today is simply sitting down at a computer and putting in a command and there it is done. The computer is the tool; it still requires a knowledgeable operator. The operator has to be astute in many different areas such as creating the idea, the characters, the storyboard, and the soundtrack just to name a few responsibilities. It is true that there is computer software that is utilized to achieve each of the goals as they pertain to each step. The fundamentals of art still play a large part in it. Without them, the work could never be taken to perfection.

It should not be forgotten that animation both 3D and 2D play a big role in other industries as well. Often individuals who have artistic talents and are intrigued with animation may not have a major interest in cartoon animation. For these individuals there are other opportunities. For example in the medical field, 3D animation is used all the time. Then in the building industry, the new concept is to draft 3D floor plans and architectural plans. With the advancement of animation software that is available on the market today a whole building can be depicted in 3D color. Nothing like knowing what you are going to get before the ground is even broke.

No doubt just as computers, continue to evolve so with the animation software. One has to admit it makes for an exciting prospect wondering what they will think of next.