Home Remodeling – Making the Best Interior Color Choices

Home Remodeling – Making the Best Interior Color Choices

Probably the fastest way of remodeling a home that would result in a very noticeable change in the way a home will look is to paint. Painting is a very remarkable aspect in any home renovation or home remodeling project according to building experts. Painting will not only change the way an exterior or interior surface will look but it can also change the moods that a particular room will evoke from those who dwell within. Knowing the best, or even the worst, paint colors to use for the interior of a Massachusetts home can help you make the best color choices for your home remodeling project.

* Preliminary Considerations

Even before you set out and make arrangements with your contractor on what particular paint they are going to use for your home renovation project, you must first make it a point to identify which set of colors you really like the most. As mentioned earlier, colors were proven to set the moods of people inhabiting a room and you as the homeowner would be more comfortable inside a room with colors that really appeal to your liking. Notice how you would avoid places or areas with walls and interiors painted in colors that do not suit your taste. This same principle applies to your choice of colors for your home remodeling project.

The appeal of a particular color to your taste and preference is more important than trying to match your existing furnishing and décor. You might overlook the fact that you do not like a particular color or shade that an existing décor has because of the limited space that these furnishings occupy. However, translating that particular color into a larger area like the ceilings, floorings or walls, you may end up not liking the color and eventually the room, every subsequent waking moment after the renovation work has been completed. So, avoid this situation by choosing your preferred color right from the beginning.

Another consideration to make is the type of paint materials to choose for your home renovation work. Choose only the best quality paints and finishes, particularly brands that do not fade easily over time. These may be more expensive but the end quality that you can achieve will be worth the investment. For enhancement purposes, you may add in stencils, borders or moldings, which can be painted in a slightly different shade than the base color of the wall or surface.

* Setting the Moods

Colors have an intrinsic way of evoking emotions from people and set the mood in a particular room or interior space. Colors have an amazing way of making people energetic or sleepy, depressed or happy, and any other types of emotions in between. Before choosing a particular color for a particular room in your home remodeling project, you must first identify what kinds of activities are done inside the room you are considering.

Shades of blues and greens are excellent choices for bathrooms and bedrooms as they evoke feelings of sleepiness and relaxation, while bright and primary colors would be more attractive for both children and the elderly. Choose lighter and pastel shades to give that relaxed atmosphere in your bedrooms. For bathrooms however, you would be better off choosing a brighter shade of these colors as you do not want anyone falling dozing off in there.

Reds are great shades to choose for kitchens as they evoke the appetite and keep people more sociable, lively and wide awake. However, you should consider people in your household who may find their blood pressures rising whenever they are inside an area with a great deal of red. To avoid such scenarios, choose other shades of red like a darker wine of burgundy color. Blue is not a good selection for the dining room or kitchen as it has been tested to suppress people’s appetites.

The living area may do well with various shades of orange to induce warm and friendly feelings from people. However, avoid using bright shades as this can be overwhelming and eliminate the original effect of the shades. Browns and earth colors are great for exterior finishes but not so in living room areas as they can make people uneasy with the feeling of being enclosed or trapped.

You can have as many choices to select from as there are available shades of paint available in the market. The best gauge that will signal you that you have made the right decision is your instinct and that the colors you chose would make you feel comfortable.