Home Security System Monitoring Costs 101 – Is it Really That Expensive?

Home Security System Monitoring Costs 101 – Is it Really That Expensive?

Home security system monitoring costs are a small price to pay when it comes to the security and overall wellness of your family. Following the recent economic downturn, the incidents of burglary and criminal activities haven’t really improved for the best (it might have gone for the worse, actually). And that’s why security monitoring companies should be able to justify their home security system monitoring costs through its flawless performance.

Usually, the price of home security systems depends on the system set-up that you’re going to install. There are actually two types of security system set-ups: wireless and hardwired. Now, it is important to pick the best type that’s going to suite your budget and security needs.

The wireless security systems are available in do-it-yourself kits, which are mostly easy to install. Also, these are relatively cheap that cost approximately around $100 to $ 250 each. Since it’s inexpensive, the system technology is not built to handle complicated security situations and can be breached easily. These are actually only good for those people living alone or with two to three people, and don’t have any valuables at home.

For starters, you can install alarm sensors and surveillance cameras on every main entry point of your home. Alarm sensors, which are installed on your doorways and windows, are password protected and capable of contacting outside sources using the numbers saved on its memory. Surveillance cameras are ideal for monitoring your home, especially if you have children and pets, even if you’re not at home – there are surveillance cameras that allow homeowners to use their computers and mobile phones to view security images.

Home security system monitoring costs can really come as expensive, especially if you hire home security companies to do the job. But, you won’t really mind the cost if you’re assured that your house perimeter is safely secured all the time. A great home security company should have a central station where their standby team is on duty 24/7 – most of these companies charge monthly monitoring service fees ($30 to $50).

Today, there are three popular home security companies: Broadview Security (Brinks), Honeywell, and Lowes. For example, Broadview Security has standard and premium security system installation packages that cost $49 and $155 respectively. The basic set-up includes a standard security keypad, 2 door or window sensors, 1 motion detector, 1 interior siren, 1 master control panel, security yard signs and labels.

Just like in other instances, you always need to understand their conditions and policies. Make sure that their security packages and services will guarantee the best security for your family. It’s also a big advantage if the company are reputable and have years of experience on this field. Home security system monitoring costs might be expensive, but the benefits are truly worth the cause.