How to Become an Innovator

How to Become an Innovator

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Reading your monthly electric bill, you would know if you stopped using your air conditioner since the previous month, but you may not notice if you stopped watching television, because electronic appliances don’t use as much energy by themselves. Their energy use often goes unnoticed. But as it turns out, an estimated 10% to 15% of all electricity used in American homes can be attributed to the buzz of electronic devices, not because they use a lot of energy, but because of their sheer numbers. As electronics use continues to proliferate, and as new products with higher energy demands hit the market, the overall portion of the household energy budget devoted to electronics is expected to grow.

To minimize the energy used by home electronics, it is helpful first to understand their operating modes and how power consumption varies by mode. This will make it easier to understand the opportunities for saving energy in the many different electronics products you most likely have in your home.