Is Co-Op List Building the Best Form of Automated Email Marketing?

Is Co-Op List Building the Best Form of Automated Email Marketing?

There are a lot of traditional and well known methods out there for building up your email list, and my favorites tend to be automated email marketing methods.

The traditional ones tend to be pretty commonly used- things like article marketing, search engine marketing and video marketing are all good to build you email marketing lists. Still, there are plenty of unconventional methods that your email marketing campaign can greatly profit from if you incorporate them into your overall list building strategy. These are less common methods that are none-the-less still incredibly effective for getting people to opt in to your newsletter. One of these non-traditional methods of list building for automated email marketing success is Co-Op List Building.

This is how co-op list building works.

Basically, you join a co-op and all the members of this co-op are given a tiny piece of javascript that they place onto their website or their blog. I’m sure you have seen these before.

When you go there you’re going to be greeted by this annoying little pop up window. On this pop up window are about 7 or 8 different email marketing lists. The pop up has a small description, about one line long, of each of these different newsletters related to your targeted email marketing niche. A number of these boxes are going to be pre-checked, and people will read through the descriptions and check the ones that they want. They then input their name and email address, fill out a verification form and submit all of it.

Now, this isn’t about putting up 7 or 8 links to your own newsletter. In fact, only one of the options is to sign up for my newsletter. The rest are composed of other people’s newsletters who are in the same targeted email marketing niche as I’m in.

Basically, I display their newsletter in my little pop up ad and they display my newsletter in their website’s little pop up. We work together; we leverage each other’s traffic to help all of us, and the whole thing is done passively, some true automated email marketing right here.

This co-op works off of what’s known as a credit system. Basically, whenever a visitor comes to your site and your pop up window shows up, you get a few credits. Each of those credits is worth 1 showing of your ad on other people’s pop up windows. It’s real simple, and real effective. And perhaps best of all for ease of integration into your email marketing campaign, it takes about no time to set up and passively gets new people who are targeted to your niche to check out your newsletter and be exposed to it and quite possibly sign up for it.

You’ll build your list quickly, it works with pretty much every autoresponder services, and it’s completely free to get started on it.