Painting Idea – Four Awesome Ways to Make Ordinary Rooms Exciting

Painting Idea – Four Awesome Ways to Make Ordinary Rooms Exciting

Need a new painting idea? Want to make your home more sell-able? Here are 4 ways you can turn your home into a treat for the eyes. All 4 are interior painting ideas and are low-cost ways to re-decorate your home.

1. How To Liven Up Bathrooms or Kids Rooms With Fun Tropical Designs – One of my painting customers was always good at this. She loved to wallpaper and did neat designs in bathrooms. Things like using wavy stripes on the upper half wall. And dots on the bottom half with a “fun” type of border in the middle separating the two.

She made it look like the beach scene. They also had a summer home at the lake and you got the “feel” of it all at their main home like in their downstairs main bathroom off from their kitchen. It was all done in light, tropical, pastel type colors.

2. Kitchen Painting Ideas – How to liven up kitchens, even bathrooms and bedrooms with painted stripes. I painted stripes in an upstairs hallway bathroom for another customer. They also chose a fun type of beach design. Yes, you guessed it, they too have a beach house. It’s a condo at Lake Michigan and this seems to come out in their decorating as well.

Again, their main home also is the one I painted stripes in. The stripes were a light blue and a lime color. We used a carpenter’s level to make the lines straight and vertically level. And we used a special blue painter’s tape that won’t “bleed” and is great for painting nice sharp-looking stripes.

When it was finished his wife bought a shower curtain, some porcelain containers for the sink area and a wastebasket. They all were colors that were like the stripes. The colors and the design in that bathroom make you feel good. They make you feel like you are on vacation at the beach!

3. Bedroom Painting Ideas – here is how to make your bedroom and even game rooms and home theatre room ceilings come alive when the lights are turned down or off. Picture turning out the lights at night and it looks just like someone removed the roof and you are staring up at the night sky.

This is one of the neatest bedroom painting ideas to come along. It feels as if you were sleeping outside on a warm night underneath the stars.

That’s exactly the look you can achieve with this painting idea. It’s called being an illusionist because you are creating the illusion that you are actually looking at the nighttime sky – a night sky filled with stars that actually twinkle! And it doesn’t totally have to look like an illusion. It can be a light show with neon like colors and spaceships and sci-fi characters.

4. Faux painting is another great low-cost way to liven rooms up. By picking up a “glazes brochure” at any paint store (Benjamin Moore has a really good one) you can learn how to do several basic faux designs that can make any dinning room, bathroom, even a bedroom look like a million bucks. My favorite design is called “color washing” – a painting idea that looks fantastic in any home!

As a matter of fact, there are million dollar mansions that have beautiful faux painted walls. By using the instructions given in the Benjamin Moore “Glazes” manual and by practicing on washable vinyl sheets you will become a master faux painter in no time flat.

After you master 4 or 5 basic faux designs you can even attend workshops where you can learn advanced designs like marbling. These workshops can be expensive but worth it once you consider how much per hour you can charge for your work.