Protect Your Home and Wallet With a Home Alarm System

Protect Your Home and Wallet With a Home Alarm System

As a homeowner and parent, you know that you can’t put a cost on protecting the people and place you love the most. However, in rough economic times, cost is everything and it may not be the best time for you to consider installing a home alarm system. After all, you’re not looking for ways to add to the already towering pile of invoices, statements, and bills. Fortunately, protecting your family with a home security system no longer means forking over hundreds to a security provider each month. Now, you can have the peace of mind of installing a home alarm system without worrying about breaking the bank.

There is a home security package for every family and every budget. The most common and cost-effective home protection package comes at only $35.99 every month. That’s less than taking your family out to dinner one night or going to the movies on a Saturday afternoon. With this package, you qualify for 24/7 burglary monitoring by four different security centers spread across the United States. These command centers work to ensure that you receive a response if a potential intruder triggers your system. And with four command centers monitoring your home, your home security is always covered regardless of power outages or malfunctions at one particular center.

By paying only $5 more each month, you can benefit from two-way voice as a feature in your home alarm system. This enables you to communicate with a home security monitoring representative from up to 75 feet away from your control panel. If you are injured or sick, you can still get the help you need within minutes.

Another option for just a few dollars more each month allows you to communicate with your monitoring center on your cell phone. Typically, when your home alarm system is triggered, a security center representative contacts your landline to verify that you need help. If you don’t answer your landline, local authorities are dispatched regardless. With the cell phone contact package, you can communicate with your monitoring center even when you’re not home, keeping you better aware and better protected.

Finally, there are plenty of ways to customize your home security package. The same security company that installs your home alarm can also help install carbon monoxide, heat and smoke, and water sensors in your home. This helps to protect you and your family on a further level from carbon monoxide poisoning, fire, and flood.

Protecting your family doesn’t have to come at a great cost. You can combat bad economic times and potential intruders with a low-cost, reliable home security system. Home alarm systems come in a variety of packages suited for every family and every budget. Furthermore, you can customize your home security plan to cover everything from burglary monitoring to carbon monoxide poisoning. Now, you don’t have to decide between protecting your family and safeguarding your wallet.