Reasons to Paint a Home’s Interior

Reasons to Paint a Home’s Interior

Painting a home’s interior can give it a fresh new look and feel. Whether it is done to change the entire decor of the house or to make room for a new occupant, a few new coats of paint can assist in a home’s transformation. There are many reasons a home’s interior should be repainted. These are just a few.

Paint a home’s interior at least every 10 years. When inferior quality paint is used, it will need to be redone before that. Using a quality paint will not only freshen up the room, it will protect the walls and last longer.

When a room is looking dingy and gray, regardless of the wall color, it is time for repainting. Nicotine stains and coal dust can also affect a room’s color, making it necessary to do it sooner. Be sure to clean the walls first.

Outdated wallpaper styles may make a room look as if it is stuck in the ’80s – or earlier. This can ruin the entire look of a room and make the house appear neglected and even dirty. When wallpaper is peeling and falling off the walls, consider removing it and painting it instead for an updated, stylish decor.

Paint that is cracked or bubbled needs to be scraped off and sanded. Not only is it dangerous to have around pets and young children, it is embarrassing to homeowners in front of house guests. Once sanding is complete, it is ready for painting.

Putting a home for sale on the real estate market means making it show its best. A fresh paint job will give it a new look and smell. Use neutral colors to avoid turning off prospective buyers.

With a baby on the way, it is time to turn another room into a nursery. Use traditional pastels or bright colors to give it a soft, soothing feel. Bright, vivid hues are also appropriate for new babies to go along with the nursery’s new motif.

Growing Up
One sign that the children are growing up is that their room’s decor changes. When
little ones get their first “big kid’s bed,” it is also time to paint their bedroom. One way to make them feel even more important is to let them choose the color. Entering middle school or high school is also a sign that it is time for a change.

When something is put on a wall that is very difficult to clean off, it is probably time to paint. When the children have been coloring on the walls with crayons or indelible markers, it may well be a reason to call a painting contractor. Soot from a fire or overspray from an arts and crafts project are other reasons.