Save Money by Creating Your Own Wall Art

Save Money by Creating Your Own Wall Art

Displaying wall art is often a great way to add style and visual appeal to almost any room in your house. Shopping for wall art is often a lot of fun, because there is virtually no end to the creative items you will be able to find. The unfortunate thing is that while a lot of artwork is gorgeous it can also be very expensive. Try out the tips below and you will discover that you can produce your own beautiful and one of a kind artwork to decorate your home and also not go bankrupt. Even if you think you do not have any artistic talent, you will have the ability to utilize some of these ideas to create stunning results.

Do Your Own Photo Framing

It’s probable that you have lots of pictures sitting around in boxes if you’re a fan of taking photos. If you own a digital camera, you possibly also have several gigabytes of your hard drive devoted to storing your picture files. Why not use some of these photos to create your own lovely wall art? Not only is this activity cheap, but it doesn’t require any particular artistic talent. Simply choose a few of your favorite shots and display them in picture frames. You can even take a few of your pictures to a photo shop or department store camera section and have them create enlargements out of your developed pictures or digital files. Or you could make a creative scrapbook page and then show it off in a 12×12 picture frame. The final result will be art that has individual meaning to you, and which will be just as stunning as the more expensive framed photos and art prints you can buy at the store or an art gallery.

Make Your Own Textures Wall Hangings

If you’d like another way to contribute some style in your home then you can go for some textile wall hangings. You can make wall hangings even if sewing isn’t your strongest skill. One way to do this would be to fasten some cords to a rod for support, then weave some pieces of fabric around these to make interesting designs. If you enjoy quilting, you can create a small quilt hanging for your wall. You may even use stencils and paint designs on a big piece of canvas, stitching a pocket all along the top edge so you can hang it on a rod. If you have children then they might also enjoy helping with some of these crafts.

Making Wall Art by Using Collectables

You may also use those small collectables you might have as decorations for your walls. For instance, try exhibiting a spoon or thimble collection on your wall. You may even have the ability to find display cases that are specifically created so that you can do this. You might even wish to design your own kind of display with some little items and a shadow box frame. If photography happens to be a hobby of yours then you may wish to make a few unique artistic ensembles with your collectables, snap some pictures of them, then place those in picture frames. This will work whether you use objects that you have already collected over time, or choose to search thrift stores, flea markets, and yard sales to find neat objects that would look great in your house.

Whether you choose to use your collectables or some simple pictures, you cannot go wrong with these creative and easy methods for making your own wall art.