The Commie Chronicles – Episode 2

The Commie Chronicles – Episode 2

There are so many elements to communism and a communist takeover the question becomes, where to start? On January 6, 2021, when Congress was disrupted by the insurrection that never was, they returned a couple days later. They certified a mentally incompetent fake President of the United States. And immediately following the announcement is when their communist colors began waving brightly.

You say, ‘Ed, give me a break. How is this possible?’ There is a World War II poster that I just love. It shows a happy young woman waving a flag, and it reads, “You couldn’t get laundry detergent, but you could get your brainwashed.” That, my friends, is the tall tale of the 2020 election. Let’s look at the first signs.

Brainwashing first came on the scene during World War II and gained notoriety during and after the Korean War. At the time of its inception, it was an individual thing used on prisoners of war to extract confessions, be they true or false. Truth is relative to their objectives of the day.

Think back to 2016 when Donald J. Trump shocked the world and became President of the United States. That was not supposed to happen. Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, filled Washington with commies, and the hand-off was all set. The baton was to be passed to the anointed one, Hillary Clinton. But the Republic spoke, and the American people had other ideas. Here is where the commies came out of the closet.

The well-embedded Washington and worldwide globalist launched a frontal assault on the symbol of defiance, now President Donald Trump. For the next four years, the truth was nowhere to be found. From Hollywood to the Super Bowl and everywhere in between, the man Donald Trump was demonized. Every communication medium in America barred what an evil man was Trump and his family. Here’s how they could brainwash a nation.

The communists own the entire means of public communication in America, with ten mega companies control it all. You’ve probably never heard of National Amusements. It is a private company worth $43 billion that operates 950 theaters and owning Viacom and CBS. In print, they own Simon & Schuster; among others, on the Internet, they own CBS Interactive, and in gaming, they own GameSpot, Metacritic, c|net, and 247-Sports.

And how about Disney with an $88 billion worth. They own ESPN, Lucas Films, Pixar, ABC everything, most of the cable channels you watch every day, and Marvel in the comic book industry. Then there is AT & T. worth $170 billion. They own Time-Warner, they are an Internet provider, through both AT&T and Time Warner internet, phone provider, and much much more. They own Warner Animation Studio’s, think Looney Toons. In T.V., they own HBO, C.W., and Hulu; in print, they own Time, Time-Life, Life, and D.C. Comics. In video games, they own NeatherStar and Rocksteady, among others. They also own Water Tower Music and Warner Music Group.

Seemingly a bit player, Comcast comes next to $75 billion. Best known for their Internet service and as a cable T.V., They own NBC and Universal Pictures. Another of the propaganda providers is News Corp. Best known for their Fox News brands. With annual revenues of over $35 billion, they have a massive T.V. and radio programming franchise and own lesser-known print media, including Harper Collins and the Christian publisher, Zondervan.

Sony Corporation is a well-known worldwide brand with annual revenues of nearly $80 billion. An electronics company, they’re also involved in motion picture production and distribution. Sony Pictures Animation, Starz, and several other brands are theirs. In music, they own over a dozen brands, Sony Music and RCA being two.

And there is no need to provide the details on the next four, Apple, Amazon, Google, and Twitter. They own Internet communications. This list of all the companies above has combined sales of over $1.2 trillion. And guess what… they are all left-wing, BLM, Antifa supporting commies.

We’ll dig deeper into the communist well in each episode. But when you’re scratching your head over that lifelong friend who suffers from a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, look no further than the list of propagandists above. They did their job and did it well.

Until next time… save your brain.