The No-Gimmick Futuristic M9 Smartphone From HTC

The No-Gimmick Futuristic M9 Smartphone From HTC

One of the favorite phones ever is the HTC One (M8). It was loved for its beautiful design, lovely screen and superb build. But some flaws cropping up in it – namely, the UltraPixel camera – the phone stopped from becoming the best. To put that right, the HTC One M9 has arrived. There is a proper 20 MP camera round its back and the design has been redesigned without losing its features that made it special. Here are some impressions that would make M9 the biggest hope of HTC for 2015.

Design & Build

The last three years have seen HTC build itself a reputation for great design and top-of-the-class build quality. The M8 was designed for feel and the M9 retained many sharply-edged design of the original one. The front is angular while the back is curved, with highly polished sides and differently colored finish.

There seems to be a compromise in design, though seriously well-made. HTC tells that there are many step processes of coating, machining, beveling. The buttons are scratch-resistant with different textures on them while the rear camera comes with a sapphire glass over its lens.

Another thing worth mentioning about M9 is its ‘table presence’. It is like a clunk of a car door and it fully depends on how much it is enjoyed.

The Specs

Much like those of the existing latest phones, there are a Snapdragon 810 chip and 3GB RAM that provide enough power to deal with the most demanding apps, videos and games. The screen is a 5-inch 1080p screen without any display upgrade from the previous M8.

On Screen

The availability of Sense 7 interface helps in better customization of Android. The Themes app, in addition to changing some colors, reworks the textures, icons, clock, fonts, and sounds. As you select a picture for the home screen, the app picks the colors and fonts that suit it. Sense Home is also aware on the context on which it is being used, the time it is being used and it acts accordingly.

Boom & Shake The Phone

The presence of finely drilled grids on either side of the M9 makes Boomsound as a major flagship of HTC. A three-finger swipe sends out different songs with Dolby from the same phone to different multi-room speakers.

Dawn of Ultra Selfie

The new M9 has a 20MP snapper on its back that produces big, proper photos of people’s faces by making use of ‘exposure engine’. One can even shoot 4K video with the Smartphone. With the presence of a selfie cam, an ultrapixel sensor, one can do away with using the flash.

To make photo browsing easier, the different snaps could be collected into the One Gallery app, as it links Drive/Facebook/Dropbox/Flickr/Instagram pics into a single place and make them easy to search.

There may be phones that could brag of many futuristic features, but M9 remains a great example of no-gimmick design, with a smart interface and a spanking build quality.